We have intentionally focused on Information, Software, Industrial and Healthcare Technology companies where our investment in. 

Experience with relevant business models, technologies, competitive dynamics and service requirements gives us confidence in our ability to support management teams in growing their companies and building value.

We intentionally partner with a limited number of companies as we believe that it takes incredible focus, energy and resources to capture the underlying value within these businesses. 

We are fully committed to excellence and market leadership in each one of our companies.


We strive to be as aligned as possible with our investors and the companies that we invest in.


We believe we take a truly unique approach to alignment. We believe a company’s business model, not our target investment returns, should dictate its capital structure. We typically employ lower levels of leverage than available in the market, and in some cases no leverage at all. We have developed a group of business partners who are long-term oriented investors, who appreciate our specialization and disciplined, focused investment strategy


We work with management teams to make meaningful investments in people, technology, new products and services. We understand and appreciate that these investments take time to manifest in results and may lead to a near term reduction in profitability in order to drive substantial long term value creation. We are comfortable making these types of investments knowing that our ultimate goal is to build market leading businesses with outstanding talent, technology and operations at their core. 

"We are patient, long term investors."

Market-Leading Investment Firm
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